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Preliminary program: AgriFuture Conference

TimeTuesday, 19 OctWednesday, 20 Oct 




Registration Conference

Workshop I: Emission & Immission Control 
10.00#1 Breeding & FeedingWorkshop II: Feeding & Animal Nutrition
11.00#2 Technical innovations for housing systems#1 Latest feeding strategies
12.00#3 Technical innovations for climatization#2 Alternative Protein Sources
13.00 #4 Panel discussion "How to control Emission on farm level"#3 Impact of feed on animal health & welfare
 Opening AgriFuture ConferenceWorkshop III: Animal Welfare & Animal Health#4 Panel discussion "Future of feeding & animal nutrition"
14.00How to reduce and control Emission on farm level#1 Meaning of animal welfare & healthWorkshop IV: Meat Quality & Food Security
15.00How smart farming can increase the level of animal welfare#2 Consequences for ecomomy#1 Impact of Breeding on Meat quality
16.00Break#3 Impact of digitalization#2 Impact of Slaughtering & Processing on meat quality
17.00Future of feeding and animal nutrition#4 Panel discussion "How smart farming is increasing the level of animal welfare"#3 Hygiene Concepts (HACCP) & Robotic
18.00How to ensure meat quality, traceability and food security #4 Panel discussion "How to ensure meat quality & security"
19.00AgriFuture Conference Networking Dinner  
 Dinner Speech: Future Trends in the Food Industry: Can articifial meat help to increase national food safety? What we are going to eat?