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Sano China: Finding sustainable solutions for a major production boost in animal farming

Zhiqian Ma and Ming Ni, general manager and vice-general manager respectively of Sano China for 10 years, spoke ahead of EuroTier China about the company’s extensive role in providing sustainable solutions for production boost to the global animal farming sectors.

Improving Bio-Security at the farm level, challenges faced in China that have a global impact – information is power

Join us at the first-ever Animal and Food Safety Alliance Conference at EuroTier China 2019 from 19 - 21 September in Qingdao.

Beijing Yahe CEO Liu Chunhai discusses major trends in animal production industry

Liu Chunhai, CEO of Beijing Yahe for 12 years, spoke ahead of the EuroTier China about the major challenges in the global animal farming sector and elaborated the company’s technical innovation to address them.

New feed component regulations the devastating effects of ASF on pork production and the trade war with the U.S.A.

Join us at EuroTier China 2019 and be a part of the comprehensive technical program of conferences and forums developed with the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs