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International Forum on Biogas Development and Cooperation

Venue: Conference Room No. 5306, Qingdao International Convention Center
Organizer: Organizer: Biogas Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Programme - Sep. 8, 2020


Animal Waste Treatment and Utilization

Mr. Deng Liangwei, Chief Scientist, Research Team for Animal Waste Treatment and Utilization, BIOMA


Biogas-linked Circular Agriculture Composed of Planting and Breeding

Mr. Wang Wenguo, Professor, Research Team for Animal Waste Treatment and Utilization, BIOMA

10:10-10:30 Environmental Pressure, Labor Shortage and Innovation of Agricultural Production Organization —— A Case Study on Utilization of Animal Manure in Pujiang County

Ms. Zhang Mingming, Chief Scientist, Team of Strategy and Policy on Rural Biomass Energy and Living Environments Development, BIOMA

10:30-10:50 10:30-10:50  

Rural Environment Management for whole counties

Mr. Pan Ke, Senior Engineer, Research Team for Rural Living Environment Pollution Management, BIOMA


Inspection Technology for the Inspection of Biogas Plants

Mr. Ran Yi, Deputy Director, Quality Inspection and Testing Centre for Biogas Products and Equipment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China

11:30-12:00 小结与讨论 


14:00-14:20Enterprise 1

Key Technologies and Application Cases of Straw Biogas Plant
Wang Tong / Wang Xiaohui, Chengdu DeTong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

14:20-14:40 Enterprise 2

Technology Improvements on Biogas Efficiency
Vogelsang Mechanical Engineering (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

14:40-15:00 Enterprise 3

Application of Composite Material in Biogas Projects
Mr. Xiong Jiaxian, Technical Manager, Chengdu Shunmei International Trade Co., Ltd.

15:00-15:20 Tea break 



Animal waste management and biogas technology in the Philippines

Mr. Reymer Martinez


Introduction of Biogas Policy, Technology and Opportunities in Malaysia

Kian Ghee Tiew, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

16:20-16:40 Application and Potentiality for the International Cooperation of Bio-fertilizer in Indonesia’s Integrated AgricultureProf. Nugroho Widiasmadi, Wahid Hasyim Semarang, University of Wahid Hasyim Semarang, Indonesia

Biogas Development and Opportunities for International Cooperation in Cambodia

Prof. Lor Lytour, Cambodia Phnom Penh Royal Agricultural University

Biogas Development Policy and Cooperation Opportunities in India

Dr. AR Shuklac, Indian Biogas Association

Discussion: Promoting rural environmental governance and biogas development in Asia through technology and policy integration