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About the venue

China Jiangsu Baima Agricultural International Expo Center located in the birthplace of organic agriculture in China, Jiangsu Nanjing National Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone. Opened in 2019 , the International Expo Center is a modern intelligent fair ground integrating exhibition, conference, business, catering, entertainment and other functions.

It is located adjacent to the Nanjing Lukou Internatioanl Airport, the Zhouyuan Garden, the Red Lixiang and is well connected to pubclic transportation, hotels, offices and commercial facilities.


Address: No. 99 Baima Avenue, Lishui District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province

Exhibition programme

  • Breeding animals, breeding programmes, trade, reproduction technology
  • Feed and other farm inputs
  • Feed storage, feedstuff production
  • Animal housing and shed construction
  • Husbandry and feeding techniques
  • Controlled environment and environment technology
  • Milking and cooling technology
  • Technology for dung, solid manure and slurry
  • Transport vehicles, transport services
  • Processing and marketing
  • Equipment and accessories
  • Management and consulting services
  • Training/ further education, Associations, media
Knowledge and Network partner