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FAQ about African Swine Fever

DLG and its partners have conducted careful research before commencing the planning process of the first edition of EuroTier China. Not all sectors of animal farming are affected by ASF. Furthermore, pork production is ongoing in certain parts of the country. According to the investigation undertaken beforehand the Chinese government is restructuring the animal farming sector, especially in the area of pork production, and re-establishing new facilities further in the north of the country. Companies participating at EuroTier China can benefit from these new investment opportunities.

During EuroTier China several conferences and a panel discussions focusing on the current state of ASF in China will be available to all the visitors. Latest findings will be provided from international specialists from Germany, Czech Republic and the UK.

The organizers are in frequent contact with the local public veterinarians to be informed about the latest information on ASF. Currently many regions in China, including Qingdao, have witnessed farmers once again embarking on raising piglets with a higher standard of bio-security along with the support from experienced partners from Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

ASF is harmless to humans. Transmission from human to human is not possible. Since visitors and exhibitors are unlikely to come into contact with domestic or wild boars, an infection or transmission is practically impossible.

The pathogen can survive in sausages and in discarded remains of domestic or wild boars. Therefore bringing meat products to the show should be avoided, thereby eliminating the danger of a transfer to domestic stocks. Therefore, the organizer urges exhibitors and all visitors not to come with food of pork origin in the enclosure of the event.

Those who have just arrived from countries/regions affected by ASF are recommended to wash their clothes, backpacks, bags and shoes etc thoroughly before entering the enclosed area of the event. It is also important to sanitize cell phone, tablet, notebook and watch with alcohol gel as well.

There are no live pigs or any other live animals at the show. Further it is not allowed to bring any live animals to the fairground.

MS Schippers, a company with solutions and products for biosecurity, is sponsoring the event with disinfection mats which will be placed at all entrances of the show. The mats allow to keep the showground clean and sanitized.